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The Iowa Association of Workers' Compensation Lawyers, Inc.

IAWC is an association of attorneys actively engaged in the area of workers' compensation law on behalf of employers, insurance carriers, and injured workers. IAWC's objective is to promote the administration of justice, provide continuing legal education in the area of workers' compensation law, and enhance the effectiveness of the workers' compensation laws and their administration.

Mailing Address: IAWC, P.O. Box 57520, Des Moines, IA 50317
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The Iowa Association of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers is an association of lawyers who have a particular focus in workers’ compensation law in their practice. The Association is made up of lawyers who represent claimants, employers and insurance carriers. The members of the Association have traditionally worked with the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Commissioner, legislators and the Governor in efforts to maintain and improve the Iowa workers’ compensation system in Iowa.

One of the principal events for the Iowa Association of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers, Inc. is the Annual Seminar in October. This is the premier workers’ compensation seminar in the State of Iowa. Speakers are brought in who are experts in workers’ compensation law to help lawyers represent their clients more effectively before the Workers’ Compensation Commission and in the courts of Iowa. Medical experts are also brought in to speak about the latest developments in the diagnosis and treatment of injuries and conditions that often appear in workers’ compensation cases. This annual seminar is an excellent event for a lawyer to expand his/her knowledge and skills back at the office to better represent those involved in the workers’ compensation system. It is also an excellent time to reconnect with other attorneys to improving nurture old friendships and make new friends.

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Jerry L. Schnurr III | President 2019-2020 | Iowa Association of Workers’ Compensation Lawyers


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